When is the best time to go to Lanzarote?

The best time to go to Lanzarote is from May to December, but thanks to its superb spring-like climate, it is entirely possible to go there all year round. Therefore, you can choose your holiday dates based on what you want to do there.

If you want to fully enjoy the pleasures of swimming and do some scuba diving or snorkeling, the ideal time is between May and December. With temperatures ranging from 20 to 23°C (74°F) depending on the month, the ocean temperature is idyllic, as is the air temperature, never stifling.

When to go to Lanzarote to escape the cold during the winter period? December, January, and February are then recommended. Even though the sun is omnipresent and temperatures are pleasant during the day, it can be a bit chilly in the evening or if the wind picks up. The weather conditions are perfect for hiking and getting a good breath of fresh air.

The island of Lanzarote experiences several peaks of tourist influx from European countries. An average season in January, April, and September, a high season in August, October, and November, as well as a very high season in December. If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy the tranquility of the places, it is best to favor the months of February, March, May, June, and July. At the end of spring and the beginning of summer, sunshine and warmth are on the agenda!

The budget can also be a factor to consider when planning a trip to Lanzarote. The most expensive month of the year is August, when a crowd of holidaymakers eager for sun and dream beaches descends. Whether it's plane tickets, accommodations, or excursions, all prices are on the rise. Note that the same goes for the month of December, especially during the year-end holidays. During these periods, it is advisable to make reservations in advance to take advantage of more advantageous rates. For the rest of the year, prices are fairly stable, and your holiday in Lanzarote will cost you less than a stay in Europe.

Annual weather on the island of Lanzarote

For information about the climate and the weather city by city on the island of Lanzarote for a specific month, click on the corresponding line below:

January 63°F to 67°F
0 to 1 days*
February 65°F
0 to 1 days*
March 67°F
0 to 1 days*
April 65°F to 68°F
0 days
May 67°F to 70°F
0 days
June 70°F
0 days
July 74°F
0 days
August 76°F
0 to 1 days*
September 76°F
0 to 1 days*
October 74°F
0 to 1 days*
November 70°F
1 days
December 67°F to 70°F
0 to 1 days*
* weather varies across the country

Best time to travel to Lanzarote by cities

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Climate and Weather on the island of Lanzarote

Lanzarote is the Canary Island closest to the African continent. Therefore, it benefits from even more favorable weather conditions than its neighbors Tenerife, Fuerteventura, or La Palma. Lanzarote's climate is dry and arid, so it is hot and dry desert-like across the entire island, from Playa Blanca to the capital, Arrecife.

Due to its geographical location, Lanzarote experiences little variation in climate and temperatures remain relatively constant regardless of the season, with averages ranging between 20°C (68°F) and 23°C (74°F) depending on the year. This is mainly due to the Azores High and the trade winds that soften the atmosphere and regulate temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, the weather in Lanzarote is generally very sunny, with rare rainfall, hence its nickname "the island of eternal spring!"

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Summer in Lanzarote

In Lanzarote, summers are hot, dry, and rather long. However, the presence of trade winds makes the temperatures very bearable, with maximum temperatures rarely exceeding 30°C (86°F) . The cold Canary Current also helps to soften the climate and make summers particularly pleasant. The only downside is the calima, a hot wind coming from the Moroccan desert, which can blow from time to time and further dry out the atmosphere.

At this time of the year, precipitation is almost non-existent, and the sky is continuously blue. The presence of a cloud is extremely rare and can even be the subject of a game if you are traveling with children: the first one to spot a cloud wins!

Winter in Lanzarote

In winter, the climate in Lanzarote remains very pleasant. Indeed, the thermometer hovers around 20°C (68°F) during the day and rarely drops below 17°C (63°F) at night. In your suitcase, it is wise to pack something to cover yourself for the evening, in addition to summer clothes and sunscreen. The translucent waters of the ocean being at the same temperature as the air, it is very easy to swim in them, so enthusiasts take note!

This is the time of year when precipitation is most likely. Even though they are rare, they usually come very suddenly and it can rain cats and dogs for a few minutes. The sun then returns, much to the delight of vacationers!

Spring and Autumn in Lanzarote

The climate in Lanzarote in spring and autumn is quite similar. The temperatures are still pleasant and precipitation is limited. It is worth noting, however, that rain is more likely to be present at the end of autumn and the very beginning of spring. But it is so brief that it is unlikely to spoil your stay.

Temperatures and rainfall on the island of Lanzarote

On these 3 graphs, we present the evolution of temperatures of Lanzarote and month-by-month rainfall for the cities of Arrecife, Playa Blanca, Teguise, Costa Teguise and Playa Honda, as well as the month-by-month sea temperature for coastal cities.

Peak visitor numbers and tourist seasons on the island of Lanzarote

Find out when Lanzarote has its high tourist season (the period when the influx of tourists is highest) and off-peak tourist season using our data and figures.

Tourist seasons on the island of Lanzarote

The months with low numbers of tourists are: January, February, March, April, May, June, July and September. The number of visitors to Lanzarote is high in: August, October, November and December.

  • Very low season on the island of Lanzarote: March, May and June.
  • Low season on the island of Lanzarote: January, February, April, July and September.
  • High season on the island of Lanzarote: August, October and November.
  • Peak season on the island of Lanzarote: December.

Figure: Visitor index for Lanzarote month by month

Where to go on the island of Lanzarote?

This table allows you to see the maximum temperature for each city and our opinion on the weather month by month (see colour legend below the table).

Cities jan.feb.mar.apr.mayjun.jul.aug.sep.oct.nov.dec.
Playa Blanca67°F67°F67°F68°F70°F72°F74°F76°F76°F76°F72°F70°F
Costa Teguise67°F67°F67°F68°F70°F72°F74°F76°F76°F76°F72°F70°F
Playa Honda67°F67°F67°F68°F70°F72°F74°F76°F76°F76°F72°F70°F
Puerto del Carmen67°F67°F67°F68°F70°F72°F74°F76°F76°F76°F72°F70°F
Punta Mujeres67°F67°F67°F68°F70°F72°F74°F76°F76°F76°F72°F70°F
Caleta de Famara67°F67°F67°F68°F70°F72°F74°F76°F76°F76°F72°F70°F
La Graciosa67°F67°F67°F68°F70°F72°F74°F76°F76°F76°F72°F70°F
La Santa67°F67°F67°F68°F70°F72°F74°F76°F76°F76°F72°F70°F
Papagayo Beach67°F67°F67°F68°F70°F72°F74°F76°F76°F76°F72°F70°F
San Bartolomé67°F67°F67°F68°F70°F72°F74°F76°F76°F76°F72°F70°F


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Is this weather information for Lanzarote reliable?

Climate data for Lanzarote has been gathered every day since January 2009. The analysis of these meteorological data for Lanzarote allows us to determine the average for each month in Arrecife, Playa Blanca, Teguise, Costa Teguise, Playa Honda, Puerto del Carmen, Punta Mujeres, Arrieta, and 10 other cities.

So yes: this data is reliable except in cases of temporary climate disruption in the region.

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