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Cost of living: the most and least expensive countries to visit

Discover the countries where travelling costs the least and, conversely, the countries to avoid due to their high costs.

Least expensive countries


Bangladesh Bangladesh


Pakistan Pakistan


Vietnam Vietnam


Libya Libya


Egypt Egypt


India India


Nepal Nepal


Algeria Algeria


Lesotho Lesotho


Ukraine Ukraine


Tajikistan Tajikistan


Iran Iran


Belarus Belarus


Malaysia Malaysia


Tunisia Tunisia


Mongolia Mongolia


Uzbekistan Uzbekistan


Philippines Philippines


Madagascar Madagascar

Most expensive countries

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Travel budget and Cost of living in the Middle East from least expensive to most expensive

Travel budget and Cost of living in Europe from least expensive to most expensive

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Travel budget and Cost of living in East Asia from least expensive to most expensive

Travel budget and Cost of living in Central America from least expensive to most expensive

Travel budget and Cost of living in the Caribbean from least expensive to most expensive

Travel budget and Cost of living in Oceania from least expensive to most expensive

Travel budget and Cost of living in North America from least expensive to most expensive

Travel budget: how to calculate and lower your budget

You want to enjoy the trip of your dreams on your next vacation. And to do so, you have prepared a travel budget to cover the expenses related to the purchase of airline tickets, accommodation, travel, food and other expenses during your stay. But to make sure your estimate is correct, find out how to calculate a budget that fits your wallet.

The cheapest places to go on holiday

You don't need a well-stocked wallet to go on holiday as you wish. All you need to know is where to look and how to cut down on expenses. There are some great places in the world where the cost of living is relatively cheaper than in France. This way, you can balance your expenses by offsetting the often exorbitant (but not necessarily) cost of the flight with other expenses.

Thus, Tunisia is a destination to be privileged among the African destinations, to bask in the sun and offer you moments of relaxation. As the cost of living there is 59% cheaper than in France, it allows you to make a good compromise in order to calculate your budget for your trip, without hurting your wallet.

Lovers of exotic destinations can go to Asia and Indonesia, which offer a total change of scenery in the midst of lush nature and superb sandy beaches. With a cost of living 63% lower than in France, India is also one of the countries to be preferred for traveling at the lowest cost.

If you dream of discovering America, choose Central America. Mexico, rich in tourist attractions, will allow you to live comfortably, without having to restrict yourself.

The most expensive places to go on holiday

Many attractive destinations are characterized by a slightly higher standard of living than in France. So, before you decide where you want to spend your next holiday, make sure that the travel budget allocated to your stay is adequate.

So if you want to treat yourself to a getaway in Switzerland, whether it's for the winter holidays or to recharge your batteries in the mountains, be prepared to pay 57% more than in France.

The beauty and authenticity of the islands of the Indian Ocean tempt you, and you want to treat yourself to a relaxing stay. It is an excellent choice, but you have to be prepared to pay more. The costs of living in Reunion Island and the Seychelles are respectively 13% and 11% more expensive.

For a trip off the beaten track in Iceland, estimate your budget with a 40% increase for a comfortable stay.

Elements to be considered in estimating your budget

Going on a trip requires good preparation. Before you think about luggage, you need to spend some time calculating your travel budget. You should take into account all the elements and expense items to avoid the unexpected.


Whether by train, car or airplane, transportation costs are the largest cost in a travel budget, so when you make your reservation, try to find the right price.


Unless you are staying with friends, accommodation expenses are also important, as they depend on the length of your stay. It's up to you to choose the most cost-effective option: staying in a hotel or renting holiday accommodation.


If you haven't chosen an all-in-one formula, calculate your future expenses by including the cost of catering and other power supplies. In addition to the 3 basic meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), think about the purchase of drinks, cocktails and snacks that you will be able to order during your stay.


You will travel from city to city during your stay. So you will need to rent a car, pay for a taxi or take public transit.


Diversifying the pleasures will make your stay more enjoyable, so remember to include in your travel budget, entrance tickets or the price of a leisure activity. It would be a shame to miss an opportunity to go diving because you haven't thought about it beforehand.


Ask yourself if the destination you have chosen does not apply a tourist tax, which you must pay upon arrival at the airport. If this is the case, include in your budget the expenses related to the various formalities to make your stay more pleasant.

How to calculate a budget for an unforgettable trip

Calculating one's budget requires common sense and good organization, even if the estimate of expenses seems obvious. Refer to the length of your stay and make a list of the activities you will want to do during your stay. Then, research the basic prices for each item. Draw up a checklist with the amounts to be foreseen for each item.

In addition to the elements to be considered when calculating the budget, reserve the amount to be allocated for unforeseen expenses, impromptu activities and the purchase of souvenirs. Don't forget to increase the total amount to make sure you cover all expenses related to your holiday.

How to lower your budget without having to restrict yourself

It is still possible for you to lower your budget by putting into practice some tricks such as:


Booking your plane ticket in advance, travelling out of season or opting for low-cost airlines are tips that will allow you to obtain a flight at an affordable price, whatever the destination you choose.


Choose accommodation that suits your budget, such as boarding houses, youth hostels or renting accommodation in a private home. Sometimes, renting an apartment or a small villa is better than staying in a hotel, especially if you are travelling in a group.


If you are not too concerned about your prestige and comfort, choosing to eat at a local restaurant will not only help you reduce your budget, but will also allow you to test new flavors in all their authenticity.

That's it! You now know how to calculate your budget and how to reduce expenses during your stay. So don't hesitate to treat yourself and go to the trip you've been dreaming of for a long time. And have a nice trip!

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