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The site that lets you know where and when to go on holiday: find weather adapted to the activities you want to do and your budget, all depending on which month you choose to travel. And it's completely free!

Where And When is a unique, high-performance algorithm that analyses seasonal climates and norms, the cost of living, and the price of flights to tell you where and when to go anywhere in the world at the best time, objectively (data, not commercial interests, decide the rankings!).

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About Where And When

Welcome to whereandwhen.net, the global travel guide that tells you when and where to go on holiday!

By analysing weather data (temperature, precipitation, humidity, cloud cover, etc.) over several years, we have developed an algorithm to determine the best times to go to more than 7,000 cities around the world. In addition, we provide clear and precise explanations about the weather in various countries and cities. So if you're wondering about the weather in your next destination, you'll find a reliable, documented answer.

You may also want to go on holiday, but without a destination in mind. So whereandwhen.net will be very useful for you! If you know the month you want to go, we'll provide a list of the best destinations for guaranteed good weather! We can definitively answer the question of where to go in November, August or April! Do you have a continent in mind for your holiday? No problem, we've got you covered. So you can find out where to go in France in April, or where to go in Europe in November.

Do you want to go on vacation without breaking the bank - or at least planning your budget? The travel budget section lets you know the cost of living around the world and calculate your travel budget for free!

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