Where to travel? best destinations for each month of the year

Where to go on holiday: find your perfect holiday destination anywhere in the world depending on when you want to leave, month by month.

Where and When to travel?

Where to travel: What month do you want to leave?

Find the perfect destination to visit on holiday for the time you want to go by choosing a month below. For each month, you have access to the 30 most popular holiday destinations, with a weather forecast that's guaranteed to be good so you can fully enjoy your holiday.

World Map: where travel go month by month

Discover the best destinations to go on holiday month by month

There's no point in moping even if you've missed the summer holidays. You can always treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday the rest of the year: whether you want to go on an adventure or enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Discover the best destinations to go to and enjoy your stay month by month.

Which destinations to enjoy the sun in January?

If you want to know where to go for a sunny trip in January, opt for the magnificent beaches and beautiful sunny days of the West African coasts such as Cape Verde or the paradisiacal islands of the Caribbean such as Cuba or the Indian Ocean such as the Seychelles or the Maldives.

To reconnect with nature, nothing beats the countries of Central America whose destinations like Costa Rica or Peru are perfect for combining hiking with cultural discoveries and sports activities.

The best holiday destinations in February

The southern hemisphere enjoys pleasant warmth that will help you forget the cold in other parts of the world.

Africa offers destinations where you can go on holiday according to your desires: trekking in Mali or Namibia, sunbathing in the seaside cities of Morocco and Senegal.

For a road-trip in Australia and New Zealand, you will benefit from a perfect combination of comfortable warmth and beautiful sunny days.

Where to go on a trip in March?

Some destinations in Europe, such as the Greek Islands, Malta or Crete, are ideal destinations to recharge your batteries after winter.

Meanwhile, the temperatures in Africa provide a comfortable feeling for safaris, as is the case in South Africa and Botswana.

Lovers of cultural discoveries will enjoy beautiful sunny days and pleasant warmth to go to Egypt, Jordan or to discover the Mayan ruins in Mexico.

The best holiday destinations in April

The islands of the Mediterranean have superb weather conditions to go to and enjoy a beach holiday without having to wait for summer. Madeira and the Canary Islands are pleasantly mild to recharge your batteries in the beautiful sunshine of eternal spring.

On the other side of the Atlantic, it's already the right time to go road-tripping in the United States of America. Some places in India, Burma and Indochina are ideal for discovering nature.

The best holiday destinations in May

The countries of southern Europe, such as the Algarve in Portugal, Andalusia in Spain, southern Italy and its islands and the Croatian Islands, give you a wide choice of places to go sunbathing without having to choose faraway destinations.

Despite the warmth that characterizes most African countries, due to the influence of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar, Tanzania or Mozambique are superb for a discovery holiday.

In Asia and Oceania, only a handful of countries, such as China and Australia, are still favored by a pleasant climate.

The best holiday destinations in June

The improved climate gives you a multitude of opportunities to go on a trip in June, according to your wishes. From the countries bordering the Mediterranean basin to the countries of Eastern and Southern Africa, the dream beaches are all equally beautiful.

Eastern European countries such as Kazakhstan or Mongolia offer an opportunity for unforgettable trekking.

Those who want a faraway destination may prefer Brazil, which offers the possibility to combine a passion for beaches with the observation of animal life in the Amazon.

Where to go on holiday in July?

The month of July allows you to choose several destinations in the world, according to your desires. Only countries subject to the monsoon climate phenomenon in Asia should be avoided. Thus, you can opt for an unforgettable trip to Canada, go on safaris in Eastern and Southern Africa, and bask on the superb beaches of the Mediterranean islands, under a beautiful sun in Corsica or on the Croatian islands. You can also marvel at the majestic Norwegian fjords during your cruise.

Which holiday destinations to choose in August?

Summer is in full swing in the countries of the northern hemisphere. Western Europe, North America and most of Central Europe are therefore the focus of attention. For example, Ireland, Iceland and Norway are prime destinations if you don't know where to go on a trip in August.

Some countries in the southern hemisphere, favored by their geographical location, will give you a perfect balance between warmth and sunny days. The Seychelles and the Maldives will give you a wide choice.

Holiday destinations to choose from in September

Scandinavia and northern Canada are experiencing a rapid decline in temperatures. Therefore, opt for destinations in the south. Spain and the Mediterranean basin offer great destinations to go to for an extended summer vacation. While on the other side of the Atlantic, Florida in the USA and Brazil are popular with lazy lovers and admirers of body beauty.

Holiday destinations to choose from in October

Those who want to stay in Europe but don't know where to go on a sunny holiday can opt for destinations such as Madeira, Cyprus or Antalya in Turkey which are favourable to prolonging the pleasures of a summer holiday.

If you have a predilection for paradise islands, the island of Bali in Indonesia, Guadeloupe or Mauritius might surprise you, as long as the few rain shower in the morning don't discourage you.

Holiday destinations to choose from in November

Orient your choice towards southern countries, to get away from the cold and greyness.

If you are looking for a place to travel to for cultural discoveries, India, Thailand and Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Jordan or the Sultanate of Oman are destinations to choose from.

For holidays reserved for trekking and hiking, Costa Rica and Bhutan will provide you with unforgettable experiences.

Holiday destinations to choose from in December

Where to go in the sun during the Christmas holidays? Favour tropical islands such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic or Martinique in the Caribbean. In the Indian Ocean, the Maldives and Mauritius have no cause to be envious of the other paradise islands.

West Africa offers you the widest choice of destinations, whether you want to laze on the beaches of Senegal or Côte d'Ivoire, or to travel through the deserts of Mali or Namibia. Hikers will not be outdone, as Central American countries offer the best places to go on holiday in December.