Where to travel in february 2025? best holiday destinations for a warm weather

Looking for a destination for going on vacation in february worldwide? Find here the best destinations where to go on vacation in february with good weather guarantee coming from historical datas on seasonal norms.

Where to travel?

Top 30 travel destinations in february

Here are the most popular destinations to visit in february 2025 with a weather forecast that is consistently good and conducive to a successful holiday.

Where to travel in february 2025: worldwide destination map

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Holidays in february: where to go according to your preferences?

February is the coldest month in Europe and North America. But as we move southward, the climate warms up and allows countless activities to take place. However, it is not favorable everywhere. Discover where to go in February for an unforgettable getaway.

Where to go in February to enjoy the sun and rest at the beach?

While some people take advantage of the February holidays to ski, others do not hesitate to cross hundreds or even thousands of kilometers to sunbathe and relax on paradisiacal beaches. South Africa's climate is ideal for people who enjoy idleness and swimming, especially in Cape Town. With its beach-like atmosphere from the end of the world, Camps Bay reveals a breathtaking scenery, with palm trees and a few kilometres of white sand. In Gambia, February is also synonymous with good weather. What a pleasure to stroll through the streets of Banjul, the capital, to enjoy the sun a few steps from the sea! Other African countries are also conducive to a beach and sun-oriented stay, such as Namibia and Senegal.

Those who are looking for exoticism in addition to the sun, but who do not yet know where to go in February, will undeniably be won over by Asian countries. Considered by many as paradise on earth, the Maldives enjoys a particularly pleasant climate at this time of year: at least 8 hours of sunshine per day, temperatures well above 22°C and water above 20°C. Whether in Male, Gan or Dhidhdhoo, you can always enjoy these exceptional conditions. Another Asian pearl, Thailand, reserves fabulous time for travelers to Koh Phi Phi Phi, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui where beaches like Chaweng Beach and Lamai Beach are a constant source of relaxation.

On the other side of the world, French Polynesia offers a real postcard setting with its sublime beaches shaded by coconut trees and its turquoise waters as far as the eye can see. You can leave your luggage in Rikitea, Tahiti or the Marquesas Islands. The southern part of Australia and the coasts of New Zealand are other interesting destinations for a sea-beach-sun getaway.

Visits and culture in February: where to go?

A light sunshine, mild temperatures and little wind are the best conditions to start sightseeing tours. If you plan to visit the Middle East, but don't know where to go exactly in February, you can be tempted by Egypt, which enjoys an ideal climate throughout the country, from Alexandria to Luxor, Aswan and Hurghada. Israel is another option, with cities that are undergoing a real cultural upheaval, such as Tel Aviv and its countless art museums or Jerusalem, which combines history and architecture. Dubai is not to be outdone and seduced by its culture at the crossroads of East and West, the promise of an extraordinary journey.

On the Asian continent, the climate is favorable almost everywhere, starting with Cambodia, where you should not miss the visit of the archaeological site of Angkor and the temple of Preah Vihear, both of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can also discover Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An, in Vietnam, unravel the mysteries and legends of Nepal, dive into the excitement of India's metropolises like Bombay, or spend a few days in Thailand.

A successful cultural stay is also a journey full of emotions. It is this little extra that makes Argentina so special. In February, the climate is ideal for visiting Buenos Aires, one of the most attractive capitals on the South American continent, or the city of Salta, which has preserved its beautiful colonial architecture. Brazil also offers many opportunities for sightseeing tours to Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro. However, it is better to avoid Manaus, Porto Velho and Bélém. In Chile, we will focus mainly on Pucón, Santiago or San Pedro de Atacama.

For those who want to combine beach, history and culture, it is better to choose countries where it is hot on the coast and milder inland. This is the case, for example, in Costa Rica, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Senegal and South Africa. In the West Indies, you can also relax on the warm sand between two cultural visits, whether to Martinique or Guadeloupe.

In the United States, it is very cold and the climate is unfavorable in many cities, such as Boston and New York. However, the weather is milder in Los Angeles and Miami.

Outdoor and hiking holidays in February

A lush and preserved nature is often what you come to look for at the end of the world, in distant lands like Sri Lanka, a beautiful destination for trekking in Asia. Away from the crowd, you will enjoy the country's extraordinary landscapes, between mountains and forests, as well as unexpected encounters. Trekking and hiking also take place in a pleasant climate in the Philippines, between picturesque villages, green rice fields and tropical vegetation. You will certainly fall under the spell of the island of Mindoro or Palawan. Closer to France, Madeira and the Canary Islands are also prime destinations for staying in the heart of nature.

And Africa in February, where to go? The great advantage of the continent at this time of year is the possibility of combining hiking with a safari. Kenya, Benin and South Africa are at the top of the list of the most interesting destinations, with parks that are home to rich wildlife, beautiful natural sites and small isolated villages that promise unforgettable encounters. Preserved from mass tourism, Burkina Faso and Mali will also surprise you with their authenticity and diversity. Hikes and safaris take place in the heart of breathtaking landscapes, savannas and reserves.

On foot, by bike or on horseback, Mexico has many surprises in store for beginners and advanced hikers. You can explore Chichén Itzá, Guadalajara, and head north to Mexico City or explore the Copper Canyon. A hiking trip to Costa Rica also promises an epic adventure in a vast green paradise. Remember to bring a mosquito repellent and a raincoat before you go into the forest. In Australia, you will certainly be captivated by the diversity of the Australian bush and the vastness of the desert, regions that are cut off from the world, but which are so fascinating.

Where to spend a sporting holiday in February?

A sporty stay is much more interesting in a destination that offers a wide range of landscapes and a long list of outdoor activities, as well as an ideal climate. In Australia, for example, while hiking remains a very accessible activity, water sports remain the most popular leisure activities: surfing or kayaking on the Gold Coast, windsurfing, snorkeling and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Other regions and countries have integrated seaside activities into their way of life, such as Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Polynesia and the Dominican Republic. Water skiing, surfing, diving, sailing, parachuting... everything seems possible on the water. There are also superb diving sites in Thailand, especially on the west coast if you go there in February, as well as in Egypt.

In Colombia, except in Tumaco where the climate is really unfavorable, thrill-seekers can enjoy mountaineering, paragliding or rafting. In Brazil, sport is also an institution. For a tourist, the trip offers the opportunity to learn about the country's flagship activities, such as beach volleyball, capoeira and brisk walking along the coast. On the other hand, in Argentina, people especially like to watch football or polo matches, or car races.

If you are looking for a new experience, head for New Zealand where the coasts are pleasant to discover by sea kayak, and where the sand dunes are ideal for sand-boarding. In the United States, sports holidays will take place mainly in winter sports resorts, such as the prestigious Aspen resort, which enjoys optimal snow conditions.

Where to go with your family in February?

When travelling with your family, climate is the most important parameter in choosing a destination, the objective being to spend a sensational holiday in a good mood. Young and old alike can enjoy a thrilling safari in Kenya to meet the Big Five, or in South Africa where the colonies of sea lions and penguins offer a breathtaking spectacle.

An ultimate family destination, Brazil offers an idyllic setting on its beaches and along its coastline, immerses its visitors in an extraordinary setting at Iguaçu Falls, and even has some amusement parks that delight children. In Guadeloupe, the little ones will be especially delighted to be able to learn snorkeling in protected sites to closely observe tropical fish.

In addition to offering excellent sanitary conditions, Thailand is also a pleasant destination to discover with your family in February. From temple visits to water sports on the beaches of the south of the country, not to mention the strolls in tuk tuk, bamboo-raft or other unusual transport, the whole family will have fun.

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