Where to travel in february 2025? best holiday destinations for a warm weather

Where to travel?

You don't know where to go in February? In the heart of winter, a good dose of warmth will be welcome! It's the perfect time to go to Asia, West Africa, or the Caribbean. Where to go on vacation for a short stay? Southern Europe and the Atlantic islands are waiting for you for a sunny break. Follow the guide!

Top 30 Sunny Destinations in february

Here are the most popular destinations to visit in february 2025 with a weather forecast that is consistently good and conducive to a successful holiday.

Holidays in february: where to go according to your preferences?

Winter is dragging on and you're craving an escape? Just a few hours' flight from Europe or on the other side of the world, it's the perfect season for an extraordinary journey. Whether in a peaceful tropical paradise, a bustling city, or atop a mountain... anything is possible! Where to go in February according to your desires? Let's get started!

Craving an Active Vacation

On vacation, you need to move and have experiences out of the ordinary? Between naps, embark on an adventure and discover the country from a different perspective!

  • Hike to Little Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka. Located facing Ella, in the center of the country, Little Adam's Peak rises to 1141 meters above sea level. The hike goes through lush tea plantations. A trip in February will allow you to see the tea picking and take sublime photos. Once at the top, a 360° view awaits you. A magical panorama not to be missed in Sri Lanka!
  • Go diving in a dream setting. The Maldives or the Seychelles are perfect for water sports. Accompanied by passionate instructors, explore the underwater world: diverse corals, colorful fish, dolphins, rays... you'll feel like you're in an aquarium! For tighter budgets, snorkeling will also allow you to see wonders.
  • Go paragliding in Lanzarote. This island in the Canary archipelago, Spain, benefits from constant winds and relief suitable for paragliding. The classic flight will allow you to see the mirador del Rio and land gently on the beach. Done in tandem, this airborne ride will offer you a breathtaking view!

Craving to See Natural Wonders

Where to go in February to see extraordinary landscapes? If you've had enough of the city, noise, and concrete, choose a country where Mother Nature reigns! Everywhere in the world, curiosities will amaze you:

  • Halong Bay, Vietnam. Made up of sugarloaf peaks emerging from the sea, Halong Bay is a real treasure. These famous landscapes will delight photography enthusiasts: depending on the time of day and sunlight, the spectacle is constantly changing. To visit them at their best, it's ideal to treat yourself to a cruise with at least one night on board. The sunset and sunrise will mark a highlight of your trip.
  • The Cenotes, Mexico. These natural sinkholes harbor a vast network of underground freshwater lakes. With an unreal blue color, they invite you to swim. Most cenotes are located in the Yucatan Peninsula, of different sizes and depths, each one is unique! And if you want to experience something extraordinary, you can scuba dive in this incredible setting.
  • The Pink Lake, Senegal. Known as Lac Retba, the Pink Lake is made up of saltwater, loaded with microorganisms that give it its exceptional color. Located a 1-hour drive from Dakar, it is a must-see during a trip to Senegal. Here you can visit a salt production site, take a pirogue excursion, and even swim!

Craving for an Asian Journey

Where to go in February on the Asian continent? The rainy season is over, giving way to exceptional weather. It's the perfect time to prepare for a trip to discover the landscapes and cultures of Asia. Embark on an unforgettable journey!

  • Malaysia and its cultural mix. A country with multiple facets, Malaysia is diverse: Malays, Indians, and Chinese are well represented, as are their religions. The landscapes that make it up are also diverse: mountains, modern or colonial cities, idyllic beaches... Traveling in Malaysia is like visiting several countries in one!
  • Thailand and its variety of landscapes. This long country has an extraordinary geography. In the north, the mountains offer unforgettable treks. In the center, forests are dotted with waterfalls and refreshing rivers. While in the south, a string of islands lines both sides of the country. There's no doubt, you'll be amazed by Thailand!
  • Myanmar and the smiles of its people. Open to tourism for a short time, Myanmar has a rare charm. The Burmese will welcome you with open arms and a smile to show you all the treasures of their country. Bustling cities, delicious cuisine, the mythical temples of Bagan, the lake villages of Inle... so many wonders that will make you fall in love with Myanmar!

Craving to Relax on a Dream Beach

Fatigue is piling up and all you want is to laze in the shade of a parasol with a good book? Good news, February is the perfect time to take a break from your busy life. Where to go? Here's our selection for perfect weather:

  • The French Caribbean. Guadeloupe and Martinique: these little pieces of France in the heart of the Caribbean are perfect places to disconnect. Between delicious restaurants, you can enjoy the magnificent beaches these islands offer. Once rested, there are plenty of opportunities for walks to explore the surroundings: waterfalls, volcanoes, secluded coves... plenty to do!
  • The Dominican Republic. The top tourist destination in the region, the Dominican Republic offers all the ingredients for a dream vacation in February: natural treasures, colonial cities, fishing villages, a cool atmosphere, sun, warm locals... plus hundreds of kilometers of postcard-perfect beaches!
  • Costa Rica. World-renowned for its volcanoes, forests, and laid-back lifestyle, Costa Rica also has beautiful beaches. Often located in national parks, they are completely preserved from mass tourism, as the government is at the forefront of environmental preservation. Experience the Pura Vida, a symbol of this extraordinary country!

Traveling in February, what better way to escape winter? Whether you prefer beaches, hikes, or city trips, the choice is vast all over the planet. Explore the Thai mountains, the Burmese temples, the Egyptian deserts, or the Seychelles islands, your trip will be unforgettable anyway!

Where to travel in february 2025: worldwide destination map

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