Where to travel in december 2023? best holiday destinations for a warm weather

Are you looking for a place to go on holiday in the month of december anywhere in the world? Visualise in the blink of an eye on this page the ideal destinations to go in december on a visit in the sun based on their weather.

Where to travel?

Top 30 travel destinations in december

Here are the most popular destinations to visit in december 2023 with a weather forecast that is consistently good and conducive to a successful holiday.

Where to travel in december 2023: worldwide destination map

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Holidays in december: where to go according to your preferences?

It is winter in Europe, North America and northern Asia. Ski resorts are getting ready to welcome the first holidaymakers. In the southern hemisphere, on the other hand, the sun is shining: in Africa, South Asia, South America and Oceania. The possibilities are endless, and you will easily find your favorite destination where to go in December in our selection.

Where to go in December to enjoy the beach?

Sunshine, we look for it in December! But as it's a month full of festivities in many regions, not to mention Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations, you should book your trip early to make sure you'll have a place in the sun. You can go to Cape Town in South Africa, Cape Verde, Mauritius, Cameroon or Senegal. Off the coast of the continent, Madagascar also offers pleasant temperatures even if it is the rainy season. The climate is good all over the country except in Nosy-Be. Those who do not want to go too far from Europe can book a hotel in Morocco to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Agadir, or in Tunisia, especially in Djerba or Hammamet.

The good weather is definitely back in Southeast Asia! Let yourself be tempted by the superb beaches of Cambodia, the idyllic islands of Thailand or the paradisaical scenery of the Maldives. On the other side of the planet, the Caribbean remains the same as their postcard image. Sunshine, beautiful beaches, turquoise sea and fruity cocktails are the order of the day in the Bahamas, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint Martin. The setting is just as enchanting in the Dominican Republic, particularly in Puerto Plata and Punta Cana, where water parks complete the range of attractions on offer.

Your desires of escape will also be satisfied in Mexico, on the splendid Riviera Maya. Or why not opt for Costa Rica, where the beach and nature are wonderfully combined? No disappointment is possible! A little further south, Easter Island, the Galapagos Islands and Uruguay also offer excellent climatic conditions for a stay in the sun.

Where to go for culture or sightseeing in December?

Unless you want to experience the magic of winter and the enchantment of Christmas, it is best to avoid the countries of Europe that are beginning to put on their white coats. Some regions stand out, however, such as the cities of Málaga and Tarifa in Spain. Catalonia and the city of Madrid, on the other hand, are not recommended due to the extreme cold. The Canary Islands, for their part, continue to enjoy splendid weather and good weather for sightseeing. From Gran Canaria to La Palma, each island is a surprising combination of nature, history and culture. Valletta, the Maltese capital, also shows itself in its best light in December, as do Cyprus, Madeira and the Algarve region of southern Portugal. In Greece, people prefer the charm and sweetness of the islands: Crete, Santorini, Rhodes and Sifnos.

The further you go in the Middle East, the hotter it gets. The weather is ideal for visiting Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi. Israel is just as interesting, with its cities steeped in history such as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Moreover, a true human experience awaits you in Asia, where tradition and modernity meet in harmony. From Bangladesh to Pakistan, Burma and Laos, each region is like a colorful history book. Those who have always dreamed of going to India will prefer the month of December to undertake this trip. The whole territory has a favorable climate, whether Bombay, Calcutta, Jaipur or New Delhi, except Ladakh. You'll also have plenty to see in Cambodia, especially in Siem Reap where the Angkor temples are the main attraction not to be missed. And for those who are not afraid to travel far, why not head for Australia? The climate is ideal in Perth, Adelaide and Alice Springs.

Where to go hiking and outdoor activities in December?

Nature is both soothing and enchanting, a good reason to focus your trip on hiking through lush vegetation and wild landscapes. Costa Rica is one of those destinations that offer several 100% nature tours in a preserved and multicolored environment. Excursions on foot and horseback riding also take place in a breathtaking setting in Guatemala, with the added possibility of zip-line rides. The exuberant nature of Guadeloupe also places it among the best destinations for trekking or trail riding. Its national park alone is worth the trip.

Going off the beaten track and letting yourself be surprised is the real magic of travel. As a trek worthy of the name does not only take place in the middle of a forest or in a green park, adventurers will certainly dare to walk in the desert to live a new experience. In Tunisia, Morocco or Egypt, the landscapes are of a rare beauty, and it is possible to camp and sleep under the stars. In South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Senegal, it is above all the encounter with the African fauna that makes the escapade so magical. The luckiest will be able to see the Big Five.

This feeling of being at the end of the world, this feeling of freedom that you are looking for so often during your holidays, incredible landscapes... this is what awaits you in Australia. Experience the country's many beautiful walks in the huts of Cradle Mountain, on the Freycinet Peninsula or along the Great Ocean Walk. New Zealand also offers great tours for the adventurous at heart, along Abel Tasman Bay, Tangariro National Park and Abbey Caves.

Where to spend a sporting holiday in December?

Don't know where to go in December for an active stay? Ski resorts open their doors to snow sports enthusiasts, a godsend for those who prefer to stay in Europe or go to the United States. But if for you, sports holidays in December must absolutely rhyme with sunshine, you will find your happiness in Mauritius or Madagascar where it is possible to learn to surf, dive, canyoning and climbing. Central America is another popular destination for thrill-seekers. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica offers a wide range of water sports, in addition to green escapes in the heart of the forest and trekking to the top of volcanoes.

With their unknown planetary air, the Galapagos Islands are in reality a small paradise for nature lovers. Hiking or biking is the best way to discover the attractions of each island, and underwater, divers will make unexpected encounters. You can also travel to other parts of Ecuador, but it is not recommended to go to Oriente or Quito because of the very unfavorable climate. Thanks to its generous climate at the end of the year, Uruguay is another stopover to consider for a great vacation. The country is a perfect combination of sports travel and cultural discoveries along its coastline. Visit the beaches of Carmelo and Mercedes, for example, for fishing or sailing. In Australia, the land of surfing by excellence, the conditions are ideal to learn this sport which has become a real art of living for the inhabitants. In addition to this, there is climbing, trekking, diving and golf. Furthermore, in Asia, you can head for Laos, or go canoeing and mountain biking in Cambodia.

The ideal destinations for a family outing in December

School holidays are a time for the whole family to take a break, and in December, children are especially looking to experience the magic of Christmas before its time. All over Europe, people are already preparing for the festivities, whether in Cyprus, Greece, Portugal or Spain. Children will also be won over by the splendid landscapes of the Canary Islands, and above all the possibility of riding a camel, a unique attraction in Europe. In addition, there are several theme parks such as the Loro Parque in Tenerife, and splendid natural pools in La Palma. However, it's best to book the trip early, as it's a busy month in the archipelago.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Guadeloupe is also getting ready for the holidays. If you feel like spending Christmas under the coconut palms, this is the perfect destination, especially as many festivities are organised throughout the archipelago. Nearby, Martinique and the Bahamas also convey a beautiful postcard image that is sure to please families in search of sunshine and beautiful beaches. Or why not go on an adventure together in Australia? In this case, Sydney is the place to be, as the city abounds in original tourist attractions such as the Taronga Zoo, the Aquarium and Luna Park. Another region of Australia is worth the trip, the Gold Coast, which is home to several leisure venues, including SeaWorld and Warner Bros Movie World. Adrenaline, sensations and emotions guaranteed!

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