Where to travel in july 2024? best holiday destinations for a warm weather

Where to travel?

The time for the summer holidays has come! Where to go in July to disconnect? Goodbye work, time for relaxation and discovery. This long-awaited period is an opportunity to take a distant trip, but if you don't want to go too far, July offers perfect weather throughout Europe! Where to go on vacation? Here are our best destinations to make the most of it.

Top 30 Sunny Destinations in july

Here are the most popular destinations to visit in july 2024 with a weather forecast that is consistently good and conducive to a successful holiday.

Holidays in july: where to go according to your preferences?

Here comes the summer break at last. You will be able to take advantage of it to explore new lands, near or far! Where to go in July? From traditional Japan to the wild animals of Africa, passing through the New York effervescence... you have plenty of choices for an extraordinary stay, ready for adventure? Let's go!

Want to discover new cultures

If what excites you is complete change of scenery, a trip in July will allow you to have perfect weather on all continents. Whether backpacking or on a more comfortable trip, authenticity will be on the agenda!

  • In Japan, between tradition and modernity. The land of the rising sun offers travelers a world apart. Fans of new technologies will be like a child in a toy store, but if you want to discover an ancestral culture, you will not be disappointed by the trip! Futuristic districts of Tokyo, Geishas in Kyoto, sublime temples, incredible gastronomy... Now accessible, Japan is diverse and fascinating.
  • In Mexico, between beaches and Mayan culture. Varied landscapes, colorful cities, fascinating archaeological sites, vibrant culture... Mexico has different facets for the delight of its visitors. Whether you want to laze on a dream beach, visit sites or go hiking, the country will charm you. Especially since Mexicans have a legendary sense of hospitality... let yourself be tempted!
  • In Peru, along the Andes Cordillera. Who has never dreamed of climbing the mythical Machu Picchu? But the treasures of Peru are endless: Andean plains where llamas and vicuñas roam, Lake Titicaca and its floating villages, remarkably preserved Inca ruins, tropical forest in the Amazon, colonial cities where it is pleasant to stroll... so many places to visit for an unforgettable stay!

Want to see extraordinary animals

Animal travel is on the rise! Where to go in July to discover these majestic inhabitants? Good news, it's the ideal season in many countries. Make sure these experiences are done with respect for the animals and enjoy! Here is our selection to have stars in your eyes:

  • In the savannah, in South Africa. Here is a paradise for animals! South Africa is a paradise if you want to go on a safari. Undoubtedly, the best spot is Kruger National Park where you can see the Big Five: elephants, rhinos, lions, buffaloes, and leopards. By the sea, you can easily observe whales, penguins, or even sharks. A choice destination that combines culture and natural wonders.
  • In the Amazon rainforest, in Brazil. The Brazilian Amazon covers 30% of the planet's tropical forests. You will therefore be sure to see many exotic animals! Embark on a river during an expedition into the heart of nature, far from the hustle and bustle of cities. Monkeys, big cats, colorful birds, reptiles, insects... in Brazil, nature reigns supreme and local guides will be happy to reveal all its secrets to you.
  • Underwater, in the Maldives. Prefer aquatic paradises? Visiting the Maldives in July will allow you to have exceptional weather to discover all these treasures. Sharks, rays, dolphins, colorful fish, and other rays will offer you a beautiful spectacle. Between dives, you will enjoy an environment where luxury and comfort are honored.

Want to discover a North American city

July is the best time to travel to the United States and Canada. Travel light and take the opportunity to visit some of their great cities. Which ones to choose? Follow the guide:

  • New York, the extravagant. Walking around Big Apple is like being in a permanent movie: a true dream machine, it has fueled travelers' imaginations for decades. Each neighborhood has its own identity, but don't miss the must-see sights: Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building... not to mention its dizzying museums, with MOMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art topping the list.
  • Montreal, the French-speaking. Multicultural, Montreal is a very pleasant city to visit, especially in July when many festivals are organized in the parks. Throughout the neighborhoods, the quality of life of the inhabitants is evident, and you will surely want to extend your stay! Dynamic, young, and festive, Montreal offers many activities to visitors. On foot or by bike, explore this extraordinary city!
  • Miami, jewel of Florida. In the south of the state, the city has an incredible charm. Head to Miami Beach to admire its Art Deco architecture, dating back to the 1920s. These sumptuous buildings line a splendid beach, dotted with colorful lifeguard stations. Photo enthusiasts will have a field day! But Miami is also an astonishing Latino atmosphere, first-rate museums, and a laid-back atmosphere!

Want to travel to the tropics

Do you want to take a trip to a distant country that combines culture and stunning landscapes, all with perfect weather? These paradises around the world are waiting for you for an enchanted break in July. Where to go? Discover our selection:

  • In Bali, Indonesia. This small island in the Indonesian archipelago has all the assets for an unforgettable Asian trip. Green rice fields, intact cultural heritage, delicious cuisine, richly adorned temples, dream beaches perfect for strolling, and preserved underwater treasures. A trip to Bali will undoubtedly leave you with an unforgettable memory!
  • In the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean. The "Dom. Rep." for insiders is a cultural and natural gem to be discovered. With its long beaches lined with coconut trees, bars for partying, cities with colonial architecture, tropical forests teeming with animals, and waterfalls worthy of a postcard, all the ingredients are there for an incredible trip!
  • In Reunion and Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. Neighboring islands, Reunion and Mauritius are different and complementary. The first is more focused on its lands: mountains and volcanoes can be approached through fabulous hikes. Immerse yourself in Creole culture, in this little piece of France that has so much to offer. The second, Mauritius, focuses on aquatic pleasures: diving and snorkeling there will be memorable.

Visits to mythical places, postcard-perfect beaches, surprising cities, nature in effervescence... traveling in July is a wonderful way to take a break from a often very busy daily life. Go on an unforgettable trip solo, with friends, as a couple, or with your tribe!

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