Where to travel in october 2024? best holiday destinations for a warm weather

Looking for a destination for going on vacation in october worldwide? Find on this page the ideal destinations where to go on vacation in october with good weather guarantee coming from historical datas on average weather.

Where to travel?

Top 30 travel destinations in october

Here are the most popular destinations to visit in october 2024 with a weather forecast that is consistently good and conducive to a successful holiday.

Where to travel in october 2024: worldwide destination map

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Holidays in october: where to go according to your preferences?

Where to go in October for a weekend or a long stay? It's the beginning of autumn, but you can still enjoy the beautiful days in the Mediterranean, sunbathe in the Indian Ocean, go on an adventure in Africa, discover North America or head for Australia. However, some destinations are not recommended due to the unfavorable climate, such as Kimusu in Kenya, Hawaii, Patagonia in Argentina and La Paz in Bolivia.

Where to go in October to enjoy the sun and rest at the beach?

The mild and warm Mediterranean climate continues into October in Cyprus where the conditions are ideal for enjoying the beautiful beaches of the east coast, such as the beach of Pernera or the beach of Fig Tree Bay. Greece remains just as idyllic, especially since its little corners of paradise are not overrun at this time of year. You can pack your bags in Crete, Corfu, Hydra, Mykonos or Rhodes. Closer to home, Spain is a restful stopover for those who want to enjoy its dream beaches away from the crowds. Rosas beach on the Costa Brava, the beaches of Alicante and Zahara beach in Andalusia are all idyllic places where you can relax in complete peace and quiet.

The Balearic Islands are also a paradise for you, with an ideal climate in October. The Ses Illetes Beach in Formentera alone is worth the detour for the whiteness of its sand mixed with pink coral, and its turquoise waters as far as the eye can see. Further afield, the Canary Islands still offer pleasant temperatures and almost constant sunshine. Whether in Lanzarote, Tenerife, Fuerteventura or elsewhere, this archipelago of exceptional charm promises an unforgettable stay.

In Portugal and Italy, autumn still seems far away and the low tourist season offers the opportunity to relax on the beaches. And if you prefer to stay in France, opt instead for Corsica where the scenery is reminiscent of the tropics on the island's best beaches, such as those of Palombaggia, Ostriconi and Saleccia. For those who wish to go far away, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Australia, New Caledonia and French Polynesia are all interesting destinations.

Visits and culture in October: where to go?

The beginning of autumn is one of the best seasons to discover the many wonders of Europe, to explore the historic cities and visit museums. And if you still don't know where to go in October, why not opt for Albania? From Korçë to Tirana, the climate is favorable all over the country. In addition to its beaches, Cyprus also has treasures such as the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Byzantine Art in Nicosia. Dubrovnik, the pearl of Croatia, also enjoys a particularly mild climate and is well worth a visit for its entirely pedestrianized old town. In Spain, there are also countless possibilities: you can visit Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Seville, Valencia, etc.

With its ideal climate in almost all parts of the country, both on the mainland and on the islands, Greece is one of the best destinations for a cultural trip in October. It's a great opportunity to discover the Acropolis of Athens, explore the Palace of Knossos in Crete, visit the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. For a weekend that is both relaxing and full of discoveries, Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, is also very interesting, as is the city of Oporto, famous for its wine. Those who prefer Italian charm and dolce vita will prefer the south of the country, from Naples to Sicily.

The weather conditions are also ideal for travelling to the Middle East. You can choose between Egypt, Israel and Palestine, Iran, Saudi Arabia... Or why not Turkey? The country has an exceptional heritage, as witnessed by the Topkapi Palace, Saint Sophia Church and the Pamukkale Cotton Castle. The climate is again favorable in Asia, which offers the possibility to visit the Taj Mahal in India, to travel to Kathmandu in Nepal, or to meditate in Bali. On the other side of the world, Australia will satisfy your desires for escape with its grandiose and often desert landscapes, and its cities with multiple attractions such as Sydney and Melbourne. But if you prefer to stay in France, you can follow the wine routes of Bordeaux, recharge your batteries in Belle-Ile-en-Mer, discover the heritage of Châteauroux or pack your bags in the Midi-Pyrénées...

Outdoor and hiking holidays in October

Adventure, sensations, emotions, encounters, wonder... this is what you always expect from a stay surrounded by nature. The African continent has a lot to offer its visitors in this area, starting with South Africa where the climate is favorable everywhere, from Durban to Port Elizabeth. Other countries, such as Mozambique, Namibia and Tanzania, will project you into a completely different world where man has learned to live in harmony with the surrounding nature. Off the coast of Senegal, Cape Verde is another hikers' paradise, with its plateaus, steep landscapes and rich heritage. On the other side of the Indian Ocean, it is mainly Madagascar, Mauritius and Reunion Island that attract attention. Immersion in lush forests, trekking in the mountains, hiking in the parks... every effort will be well rewarded.

Closer to Europe, Morocco offers an ideal climate for hiking in the Toubkal National Park, Ouirgane, Chefchaouen or Tafraout. The same is true of Tunisia, a real paradise for trekking, horse riding and camel riding. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Mexico will especially delight experienced hikers who are used to tormented reliefs and fairly difficult routes, but with the added bonus of unique breathtaking panoramas. Further south, Argentina fascinates by the generosity of its nature, the famous Iguazú Falls as well as the Calilegua National Park which is ideal for trekking. However, it is best to avoid Patagonia and Ushuaia where the climate is very unfavorable.

Where to go to Europe in October to commune with nature? The continent offers countless possibilities at this time of year, as the temperatures are mild and the sun is still shining. For example, you can go to Romania to hike in the Carpathians, follow the Via Algarviana in southern Portugal, walk along the Pink Granite Coast in Brittany, or cross the Samaria Gorge in Crete.

Where to spend a sporting holiday in October?

For some, the holidays are an opportunity to practice their favorite sport while having fun so they can get back to work in perfect shape. With this in mind, the month of October can satisfy all desires. To enjoy the sun and the beach, and observe the underwater life, you can go to Albania, Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, Jordan or Australia. Cyprus, one of this month's big stars due to its pleasant climate, is also the destination not to be missed for a successful active holiday with family and friends. Mountain biking, golf, scuba diving, water sports, hiking... a long list of activities awaits you. You can also let yourself be tempted by Turkey where nature and adventure go hand in hand, whether in the national parks, on the coast or in Cappadocia. Sea kayaking, horse riding, hiking, canyoning, paragliding... anything goes!

Are you rather tempted by Asia for your active holidays in October? Go to Bali, the only region of Indonesia that benefits from a favorable climate in this season. You can go diving, surfing, rafting and hiking. In the Bahamas, the joys of sport can also be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from fishing to golf and water sports. Cuba, Australia, the United States, Mexico and Peru are other alternatives for those who want to go far away.

Where to go with your family in October?

It's getting chillier at Disneyland and Parc Asterix. It is therefore best to head south to enjoy the sun and heat one last time: Nice, Avignon, Marseille... The climate is also favorable for a family trip to Morocco, only three hours' flight from France. Head for Marrakech, Essaouira or Casablanca to get a real treat! Still in the Maghreb, Tunisia is perfect for a few days getaway with children, especially since hotels offer many privileges during this low season. Egypt will also appeal to young and old alike, and offers an excellent way to review history, on the back of a camel for example. Discover the many pyramids, visit the archaeological museums, go on a Nile cruise, etc. In Jordan, little adventurers will be conquered by the rich heritage and the beauty of the landscapes, if we only mention Petra, the ruins of Jerash and the Dead Sea.

A family trip to Turkey is simply unforgettable! Not only do the Turks value their tradition of hospitality, but the country also stands out in terms of gastronomy and admission to certain sites and monuments is free up to the age of 12. Australia is just as interesting and feeds the imagination of the youngest with its kangaroos, surf spots, wide open spaces and countless places to discover with the whole family, such as Crocodylus Park in Darwin and Taronga Zoo in Sydney. In the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic's seaside resorts and the dream setting of the Bahamas are the most popular. And for those who do not particularly wish to go too far, the many European archipelagos offer an excellent compromise between relaxation and holidays with children. You can choose between the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, the Azores or the Greek islands.

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