Where to travel in november 2024? best holiday destinations for a warm weather

Where to travel?

Where to go in November? Autumn is well established in Europe and you dream of sunshine? Head south or to the tropics to find some warmth. For a summer feel, opt for the islands: Malta, Cyprus, Sicily, Madeira... Where to go if palm trees are calling your name? Head to the Seychelles, the Caribbean, or Mexico: you'll be guaranteed to have top-notch weather!

Top 30 Sunny Destinations in november

Here are the most popular destinations to visit in november 2024 with a weather forecast that is consistently good and conducive to a successful holiday.

Holidays in november: where to go according to your preferences?

Where to go in November according to your desires? Whether with family, as a couple, or solo, it's a good time to escape the French gloom. In Southern Europe or North Africa, the days can still be sunny. Internationally, it's a good season in many places. Here are all our tips to help you make your choice:

Want to reunite with family

You've been through a hectic back-to-school period and you feel like playing hooky for a family getaway? For a long weekend or a week off, it's better not to go too far. Aim for nearby countries and let the adventure begin!

  • Take a city trip in a European city. Rome, Lisbon, or Athens are perfect for a short stay with children. Rich in history, the visits often match the school curriculum, killing two birds with one stone! In November, the weather is still mild, although it's better to be prepared to cover up in the evening.
  • Visit Mediterranean islands. To extend the pleasures of summer, the Mediterranean islands are perfect. The brave ones can even try a swim in the turquoise waters of Cyprus, Malta, or Sicily. You can easily alternate cultural discoveries and relaxation in a budget hotel.
  • Spend a few days in Marrakech. A change of scenery for the whole family, just a 3-hour flight from Paris! Let your children bargain for trinkets in the heart of the souk, enjoy gargantuan couscous, and visit the surrounding palm groves... no doubt, you will all come back amazed!

Want to visit the Atlantic islands

To put your t-shirts and flip-flops back on, there's no secret, head south! The islands bordering the west of Africa are perfect to visit in November. The sun is shining, allowing you to relive the pleasures of summer: swimming, terrace aperitifs, relaxing by a pool... a full program in the middle of autumn!

  • Lush Madeira. Nicknamed "the island of flowers," Madeira in November is enchanting. With its tropical forests, mountains, deserted beaches, and picturesque villages, it has many assets to delight travelers. Outdoor sports enthusiasts will not be disappointed: golf, surfing, and hikes can be enjoyed in breathtaking landscapes.
  • The volcanic archipelago of the Canary Islands. Located off Western Sahara, these Spanish islands are very different from each other. Sometimes flat and arid, some can also be mountainous, like Tenerife. You can easily hop from one to the other by ferry to appreciate all their riches. Camel rides in the dunes, diving, amusement parks... there is something to please all desires!
  • Cape Verde and its unique culture. Known for its fantastic landscapes and the legendary hospitality of its inhabitants, the Cape Verde islands will charm you. Located off Senegal, they have an equatorial climate, perfect if you're craving sunshine. Discover Cape Verdean culture, hike in rugged mountains, or enjoy wild beaches... a top program for a November trip!

Want to escape to the Caribbean

Where to go in November to relax on a paradise beach under palm trees? Head to the Caribbean and its dreamy islands! Whether in the French part or in the former Spanish colonies, they all have a crazy charm and postcard landscapes. Get your swimsuit, mask, and snorkel ready, let's go!

  • Visit France in the tropics. Small pieces of France in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, Guadeloupe and Martinique will offer you a change of scenery. Organize your program according to your desires. Snorkeling among colorful fish, diving in pristine waters, hiking in lush forests, amazing restaurants, or simply lazing around with a good book... everything is possible!
  • Discover Cuba and its lively Salsa. The largest island in the Caribbean will steal your heart. With a tumultuous history, it is now booming and offers travelers all the ingredients for a successful stay: white sandy beaches, crazy Mojitos, picturesque villages, lush mountains... Whether on a road trip or settling in a specific region, Cuba is a gem of the region.
  • Explore the Dominican Republic. Far from the big resorts of Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic has a lot to offer. Towering waterfalls, waters teeming with tropical fish, equatorial forests, pristine beaches, cities with splendid architecture, or charming fishing villages. Moreover, the island is easily explored by car, a chance to travel off the beaten path!

Want a vacation on the other side of the world

Want to travel to a distant country to discover another culture and have an extraordinary trip? The possibilities are endless in November. In the Indian Ocean, the climate is very favorable, as in Central America. Here is our Top 3 to fulfill your exotic wishes:

  • Mauritius and its melting pot of cultures. A haven for many Indian migrants, Mauritius has many cultural heritages that greatly contribute to its charm. In this little paradise on earth, most activities revolve around the ocean. However, adrenaline junkies will have a blast paragliding, skydiving, or kite surfing.
  • The Seychelles and its shades of blue. A flagship destination for honeymoons, the Seychelles archipelago is straight out of a postcard. With its white sandy beaches, dotted with characteristic round rocks and bordered by translucent waters, you will be amazed! Underwater, a real festival awaits you, marine fauna and flora have been remarkably preserved, much to the delight of travelers!
  • Mexico, a fascinating country. Rich in the multiple civilizations that have succeeded there, Mexico is a diverse country that must be visited. With numerous top-notch archaeological sites, cenotes inviting for a swim, cities with flamboyant architecture, and pristine beaches, the country has it all.

Want to laze around, go for a walk, or visit cultural sites? Traveling in November offers you many possibilities for an unforgettable trip. Whether at the gates of Europe or in the heart of the Caribbean, there is no doubt that pleasure and discovery will be on the agenda!

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