Middle East in december 2023: Weather and Where to travel?

Are you looking for a place to go on holiday in the month of december in Middle East? Find on this page the best destinations to go travelling in Middle East in december in the sun according to their weather.

Where to travel in december

Where to travel in december in the Middle East: destination map

Use this map to see our opinion on the weather for every destination in the Middle East in december 2023.

Legend: perfect weather good tolerable bad very bad

Where to go on holiday in december 2023 in the Middle East: 11 recommended destinations


Egypt in december
perfect weather

#1 Egypt
54°F° to 79°F°C
perfect weather


Israel in december
good weather

#2 Israel
50°F° to 74°F°C
good weather


Jordan in december
good weather

#3 Jordan
47°F° to 74°F°C
good weather


Oman in december
perfect weather

#4 Oman
59°F° to 83°F°C
perfect weather


Lebanon in december
good weather

#5 Lebanon
43°F° to 67°F°C
good weather


Qatar in december
perfect weather

#6 Qatar
68°F° to 77°F°C
perfect weather


Kuwait in december
perfect weather

#7 Kuwait
59°F° to 70°F°C
perfect weather

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia in december
perfect weather

#8 Saudi Arabia
47°F° to 86°F°C
perfect weather


Bahrain in december
perfect weather

#9 Bahrain
70°F° to 74°F°C
perfect weather

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates in december
perfect weather

#10 United Arab Emirates
61°F° to 79°F°C
perfect weather