When is the best time to go to Punta Cana?

Punta Cana is a dream destination for a sunny vacation and water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving.

Its warm and sunny climate makes it ideal for a visit all year round. However, the best time to visit Punta Cana is during the dry season, from December to April. The temperatures are pleasant, averaging between 25 and 28°C (83°F) , and the sun is omnipresent.

During this period, Punta Cana experiences a high tourist influx and hotel rates are higher. Therefore, a larger travel budget will be necessary.

The most popular period for travelers is during the holiday season. The Holy Week, preceding Easter, is also very busy.

Moreover, the whale-watching season, which takes place between January and March in the Samaná Peninsula, also attracts many tourists.

Therefore, traveling to Punta Cana before the start of the tourist season, in November and early December, can be interesting. Rates are lower, and with fewer tourists, you will receive more attention. The rainy season is still in full swing in November, but there can be some beautiful days.

On the other hand, the season to avoid in Punta Cana is the hurricane season. It extends from June to November, although hurricanes are more likely to occur in August and September.

Hurricanes are quite rare in the Dominican Republic, but during this season, the weather can be very unsettled at times. Indeed, as a tropical storm approaches, the weather becomes gray, stormy, and strong winds can occur.

Finally, if you are wondering when to go to Punta Cana, note that the rainy season, between May and November, corresponds to the low season. But contrary to appearances, it does not rain every day.

The showers can be intense, but they mostly occur late in the day. With a bit of luck, there might be very little rain during your stay.

However, the climate is hotter, around 30°C (86°F) on average, and the air humidity can be challenging.

Traveling to Punta Cana during this period is entirely possible, especially since tourists are scarce on the island. Besides, the climate is never completely unfavorable for a trip to Punta Cana.

So, when is the best time to go to Punta Cana? Here's some more information to help you in your decision:

  • The best months for good weather in Punta Cana are January, February, March, April and December
  • On average, the warmest months are February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December
  • The rainiest months are July, August, September, October and November
  • The sea temperature is suitable for swimming all year round

Annual weather in Punta Cana

Infographic of the best times to visit Punta Cana
Infographic of the best times to visit Punta Cana ©whereandwhen.net

Weather details in Punta Cana month by month

To get all the information about the climate and weather in Punta Cana for a specific month, click on the corresponding link below:

January February March April May June July August September October November December

Weather and climate in Punta Cana

Punta Cana is located between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer, giving it a tropical climate, similar to Haiti, Florida, or Guadeloupe.

The weather in Punta Cana is characterized by:

  • sunny weather
  • frequent showers throughout the year, more intense during certain months
  • constant heat

Additionally, the climate is tempered by the presence of trade winds, typical winds that slightly cool the air.

The water temperature in Punta Cana is also very pleasant, like in Santo Domingo or La Romana, allowing for swimming all year round. In fact, the sea temperature ranges between 27 and 29°C (85°F) from January to December.

There are two distinct seasons in the area:

  • the dry season, from December to May
  • the rainy season, from May to early December

Climate of Punta Cana: the dry season

The climate of Punta Cana during the dry season is reminiscent of the Caribbean in general, like in Cuba or the Bahamas. The temperatures are pleasant, between 25 and 28°C (83°F) . However, nights are slightly cooler: it's advisable to pack a sweater or two.

The trade winds blow regularly, which slightly moderates the temperatures compared to summer.

The weather in Punta Cana during this period is characterized by dry and sunny conditions.

However, as in any tropical region, rainy episodes are not uncommon. Brief showers may occur, especially in the evening. Nevertheless, nothing that could spoil your stay or your activities.

Indeed, the climate in Punta Cana is ideal for a trip during this period.

The rainy season in Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic actually experiences two successive rainy seasons.

  • The first one occurs between May and June
  • The second one extends from October to early December

However, in Punta Cana, this succession is less pronounced than in other parts of the island, like in Puerto Plata for example.

Therefore, if you plan a trip during the summer holidays, it's best to avoid Punta Cana. Indeed, on-site, July and August are often the rainiest months of the year.

However, like in Montecristi, the precipitation rate in Punta Cana remains relatively low compared to the north of the country. For example, in Las Terrenas, there is often more than 100 mm of rain per month, almost all year round.

Thus, the rainy season in Punta Cana should not lead you to cancel your vacation. While rains can be frequent and intense, the sun quickly returns.

Furthermore, Punta Cana experiences a cyclonic period that coincides with the rainy season: from June to November, especially towards the end of summer. However, these phenomena remain rare on the island and generally only cause material damage.

Moreover, hotel infrastructures are designed to withstand these events, and forecasting techniques are such that there is no risk for tourists. You will simply be asked to take shelter in case of an alert.

During this period, the most common events are tropical storms with heavy rains, strong winds, and high waves. The main risk is flight cancellations, which may not be unwelcome to some.

On the other hand, the rainy season in Punta Cana is associated with intense heat, often exceeding 30°C (86°F) . The atmosphere can be heavy, making the heat even more challenging to bear. Fortunately, with water temperatures at 29°C (85°F) in summer, you can enjoy swims to cool off.

Punta Cana :

Charts: temperature and rainfall in Punta Cana

In the charts below, you can see the following seasonal norms for the city of Punta Cana: the minimum and maximum outdoor temperature, the risk and amount of monthly rainfall, daily average sunshine, sea temperature, and relative humidity for each month of the year.

Outside temperature

Precipitation (rainfall)

Daily sunshine hours

Sea temperature


Peak visitor numbers and tourist seasons in Punta Cana

Find out when Punta Cana has its high tourist season (the period when the influx of tourists is highest) and off-peak tourist season using our data and figures.

Tourist seasons in Punta Cana

  • Very low season in Punta Cana
    The months with the lowest number of tourists are: March, April, May, June and September.
  • Low season in Punta Cana
    The months with low numbers of tourists are: February, July, August, October and November.
  • High season in Punta Cana
    The number of visitors to Punta Cana is high in: January.
  • Peak season in Punta Cana
    The largest number of tourists visiting Punta Cana is during: December.

Figure: Visitor index for Punta Cana month by month

Best time for low prices in Punta Cana

Average prices of hotels in Punta Cana month by month

Generally, October is the month with the lowest hotel prices in Punta Cana. So this is a great time to save on your holiday! In contrast, January is statistically the most expensive month of the year for hotels.

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Average price for flights to Punta Cana

A return flight between London and Punta Cana is generally cheaper if you go in march ($ 729 on average): this is the best time for travellers on a tight budget. In contrast, you may end up paying $ 432 more for your airline ticket to Punta Cana if you go in august.

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Average price of hiring a car in Punta Cana

On average, it costs $ 67 per day to hire a car in Punta Cana. This price varies by $ 15 depending on the month. In november, hiring a car costs an average of $ 58 per 24 hours, so this is the best time to save money! In contrast, the average price in march is $ 72.

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