When is the best time to go to French Pyrenees?

Apart from winter sports, the best time to visit the French Pyrenees extends from early May to the end of October. In this mountainous region, marking a natural border between France and Spain, many activities are possible for a stay combining nature, culture, and various sports.

When to visit the French Pyrenees based on your interests?

  • For memorable hikes, August is ideal: you will have perfect weather! Among the most famous ones, you can hike to Lake Estaens where you can see marmots and chamois, or take on the renowned GR10 trail that crosses the Pyrenees from east to west.
  • For winter sports, head to the French Pyrenees between November and March. Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding... the abundant snowfall in the region will delight all enthusiasts!
  • For mountain biking, the months from June to October are perfect. The Pyrénées-Orientales are particularly suitable for this activity, especially on the high plateaus of Cerdagne.
  • For whitewater sports, and to discover the region in a fun way, it is best to go just after the snow melts, in spring, or even at the very beginning of summer. Rafting, canyoning, canoeing... the choice is yours!
  • For thermalism, for example in Bagnères-de-Bigorre, all seasons are possible and there's nothing like soaking in a hot bath after an intense day of skiing, cycling, or hiking!
  • For participating in a transhumance, visit the French Pyrenees in spring, or late September, when the herds leave the high mountains to reach their autumn pastures.

Where and when to go based on the weather?

Foix (Ariège), Pamiers, Ax-les-Thermes...

67°F to 83°F°C
3 to 8 days
May, June, July and September
52°F to 81°F°C
3 to 12 days
April and October
45°F to 68°F°C
4 to 10 days
January, February, March, November and December
34°F to 56°F°C
2 to 8 days

Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges, Lac d’Oô, Saint-Gaudens...

June, July, August and September
61°F to 72°F°C
5 to 12 days
January, February, March, April, May, October, November and December
38°F to 59°F°C
5 to 12 days

Tarbes, Lourdes, Bagnères-de-Bigorre...

May, June, July, August and September
58°F to 81°F°C
5 to 12 days
58°F to 67°F°C
6 days
January, February, March, April, November and December
40°F to 61°F°C
7 to 11 days

Pau, Orthez, Salies-de-Bearn...

May, June, July, August, September and October
59°F to 83°F°C
5 to 11 days
April and November
49°F to 65°F°C
8 to 11 days
January, February, March and December
41°F to 61°F°C
6 to 11 days

Font-Romeu, Ceret, Prades...

May, June, September and October
58°F to 79°F°C
3 to 11 days
April, July, August and November
47°F to 85°F°C
2 to 12 days
February, March and December
40°F to 59°F°C
2 to 8 days
38°F to 54°F°C
3 to 7 days

Best time to travel to French Pyrenees by cities

Chargement en cours
Ariège Ariège Haute-Garonne Haute-Garonne Hautes-Pyrénées Hautes-Pyrénées Pyrénées-Atlantiques Pyrénées-Atlantiques Pyrénées-Orientales Pyrénées-Orientales

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Climate and Weather in the French Pyrenees

One of the major assets of the French Pyrenees is its sunshine: with almost 2000 hours of sunshine per year, there is a great chance that your stay will be under a sky of azure blue!

The climate in the Pyrenees is generally mountainous, with variations depending on the regions:

  • The Basque Pyrenees are characterized by relatively low relief and experience a rather oceanic climate with mild temperatures and abundant precipitation throughout the year.
  • In the Central Pyrenees, the climate will typically be mountainous in high mountain areas, with Mediterranean influence to the east and oceanic influence to the west.
  • The Eastern Pyrenees are influenced by a Mediterranean climate, much drier than in other parts of the region.

French Pyrenees: Vue sur le Pic du Midi d’Ossau dans les Pyrénées

Summer in the French Pyrenees

From mid-June, temperatures gradually rise to reach between 25 and 30°C (86°F) in the valleys. Closer to the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, the thermometer is often higher than elsewhere.

During the summer season, the weather in the Pyrenees is nevertheless marked by significant rainfall in July and violent thunderstorms until the end of August.

It is worth noting that on the highest peaks, snow is present all year round and temperatures can be very low. Make sure to bring the necessary equipment if you plan on going for a long hike.

Autumn in the French Pyrenees

Autumn is divided into two climatic periods in the Pyrenees:

  • From late September to late October, it is the Indian summer: temperatures are still mild and rainfall is rather rare.
  • In November and December, it is a rapid transition to winter with a sharp drop in temperatures and snow covering most of the region.

Winter in the French Pyrenees

January and February are characterized by harsh winter conditions, with low temperatures, generally below freezing at night, and significant snowfall.

In March, the climate in the Pyrenees is milder, but snow remains abundant. Depending on the year, winter can linger, much to the delight of ski enthusiasts, or spring can slowly make its appearance, with beautiful sunny and mild days.

Spring in the French Pyrenees

Most of the time, April is rainy and cool, despite occasional spring days. Depending on the slopes, the snow melts and by May, the snow cover completely disappears below 1500 m, giving way to meadows filled with colorful flowers!

Temperatures and rainfall in the French Pyrenees

On these 2 graphs, we present the evolution of temperatures of French Pyrenees and month-by-month rainfall for the cities of Tarbes, Foix (Ariège), Lourdes, Pau and Amélie-les-Bains.

Peak visitor numbers and tourist seasons in the French Pyrenees

Find out when French Pyrenees has its high tourist season (the period when the influx of tourists is highest) and off-peak tourist season using our data and figures.

Tourist seasons in the French Pyrenees

The months with low numbers of tourists are: January, February, March, April, June, October, November and December. The number of visitors to French Pyrenees is high in: May, July, August and September.

  • Very low season in the French Pyrenees: January, March, November and December.
  • Low season in the French Pyrenees: February, April, June and October.
  • High season in the French Pyrenees: May, July and September.
  • Peak season in the French Pyrenees: August.

Figure: Visitor index for French Pyrenees month by month

Average price for flights to French Pyrenees

A return flight between London and Lourdes is generally cheaper if you go in november ($ 91 on average): this is the best time for travellers on a tight budget. In contrast, you may end up paying $ 127 more for your airline ticket to Lourdes if you go in february.

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Where to go in the French Pyrenees?

This table allows you to see the maximum temperature for each city and our opinion on the weather month by month (see colour legend below the table).

Cities jan.feb.mar.apr.mayjun.jul.aug.sep.oct.nov.dec.
Foix (Ariège)49°F50°F56°F61°F67°F76°F81°F83°F76°F68°F56°F50°F
Pic du Midi41°F41°F47°F52°F58°F65°F70°F72°F65°F59°F49°F45°F
Ariège Pyrenees Natural Park49°F50°F56°F61°F67°F76°F81°F83°F76°F68°F56°F50°F


perfect weather

good weather

tolerable weather

bad weather

very bad weather

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Is this weather information for French Pyrenees reliable?

Climate data for French Pyrenees has been gathered every day since January 2009. The analysis of these meteorological data for French Pyrenees allows us to determine the average for each month in Tarbes, Foix (Ariège), Lourdes, Pau, Amélie-les-Bains, Ax-les-Thermes, Bagnères-de-Bigorre, Ceret, and 30 other cities.

So yes: this data is reliable except in cases of temporary climate disruption in the region.

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