Alaska, United States: Best time to go and average weather

Find the very best time to go to Alaska in United States from average climate conditions below.

Best time to go to United States?

When is the best time to go to Alaska?

When is the best time to go to Alaska? Here's some information to help you in your decision:

  • The best months for good weather in Alaska are June and July
  • On average, the warmest months are June and July
  • The coldest months are January, February, March and December
  • The rainiest months are June and August

For full information about the climate and weather in Alaska a specific month, click on the corresponding line below:

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very bad weather Alaska in january
very bad weather Alaska in february
very bad weather Alaska in march
very bad weather Alaska in april
very bad weather Alaska in may
good weather Alaska in june
good weather Alaska in july
tolerable weather Alaska in august
very bad weather Alaska in september
very bad weather Alaska in october
very bad weather Alaska in november
very bad weather Alaska in december

Weather and climate in Alaska

About the climate

The state of Alaska, a Northern American territory that shares its borders with the Yukon Territory and British Columbia in western Canada, is characterized by its cold climate. The Alaskan climate comes in several variants, depending on the geographical position of the localities. Thus, the south coast of Alaska is influenced by a subpolar oceanic climate, resulting in less cold temperatures and relatively high rainfall in comparison to the rest of the territory, which is also the climate found in Anchorage. Inland, the continental influence primes the rest of the territory, which explains the difference in temperatures between the winter and summer seasons. The northern part of Alaska is used to a polar type climate.

The Spring Climate in Alaska

Spring is very short. On the south coast like in Anchorage, the spring season which starts in mid April and ends in May, is a grand opportunity to see the weather conditions improve; this is also the period when the melting snow causes the formation of wetlands. Walk with caution, if you are planning on taking a few hikes.

The Summer Climate in Alaska

June, July and August are the hottest months of the year. In Hawaii, this signifies the famous time for fun in the sun and beautiful bright days however in Alaska, wearing comfortably warm clothing is still a necessity. The only real advantage is that the sunshine lasts longer. Furthermore, if ever one were to find themselves close to the Arctic Circle, they will also have the chance to see the midnight sun.

The Autumn Climate in Alaska

Autumn starts in September and ends around the month of October in the south and begins in late August in the north. This season depicts deteriorating weather in Alaska; in just a few weeks, the maximum temperatures range between 17° C and 7° C.

The Winter Climate in Alaska

The cold that characterizes the winter in Alaska is far harsher than that of Utah, even if the Utah State of the northern United States of America is known for the harshness of the winter. Overall, warm clothes are simply a must for anyone wishing to experience a unique adventure in Alaska.

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The month-by-month climate

  • Between the months of january and may the climate is very unfavorable. It is for example 12°C as maximum temperature in may.
  • Between june and july the climate is beautiful. The record temperature this month is 31°C and you can expect to have 58mm of rainfall/month during this period.
  • In the month of august the climate is passable, but still OK. By early evening, the temperature averages 15°C and you can expect to have 76mm of rainfall/month during this period.
  • Between the months of september and december the climate is very unfavorable. In average, on the morning it is -19°C and you can expect to have 24mm of rainfall/month during this period.

Chart: temperature and rainfall in Alaska

The chart below allows you to look at the following seasonal norms for the city of Alaska: minimum and maximum temperatures, and the monthly volume of precipitation for each month of the year.

Map of United States

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