Central America in may 2024: Weather and Where to travel?

Are you looking for a place to go on holiday in the month of may in Central America? Find here the best destinations to go travelling in Central America in may in the sun based on seasonal averages.

Where to travel in may

Where to travel in may in Central America: destination map

Use this map to see our opinion on the weather for every destination in Central America in may 2024.

Legend: perfect weather good tolerable bad very bad

Where to go on holiday in may 2024 in Central America: 6 recommended destinations


Mexico in may
good weather

#1 Mexico
54°F° to 101°F°C
good weather

El Salvador

El Salvador in may
tolerable weather

#2 El Salvador
72°F° to 95°F°C
tolerable weather


Belize in may
good weather

#3 Belize
74°F° to 94°F°C
good weather


Guatemala in may
good weather

#4 Guatemala
50°F° to 97°F°C
good weather


Nicaragua in may
good weather

#5 Nicaragua
65°F° to 95°F°C
good weather


Honduras in may
tolerable weather

#6 Honduras
67°F° to 94°F°C
tolerable weather