Best time to go: what is the RIGHT price for a round-trip flight to Minsk (from: Montreal)

The average price to go to Minsk from Montreal airport is $ 1390 (round trip). However, there are variations depending on the departure month. Thus, it is possible to pay for your plane ticket on average between $ 1196 (in february) and $ 1559 (in august), which is a saving of $ 194 or a surplus of $ 170 (compared to the average price) depending on the period you leave.

The analysis of all prices reveals that the most frequent price is between $749 to $803 and it is generally more economical to leave on a tuesday and return on a wednesday on a flight with 1 or more layovers.

Be careful, the cheapest months may correspond to unfavorable weather periods . Check out our page best time to go to Minsk before booking your flight.

If you want to know when to book your flight at the best price, go straight to the second part of this page: When to buy your Montreal-Minsk plane ticket.

How are these data calculated?

We have studied a sample of 2386 airfare prices from previous years for flights to Minsk from Montreal and can thus establish precise and credible price variation trends based on different parameters. Of course, prices can vary from year to year, but the seasonal aspect of this data (recurrence of school holidays, events... from year to year) makes these statistics quite reliable.

Average price depending on the departure month

Data analysis:

By leaving in february, the price of the plane ticket will statistically be the cheapest ($ 1196, saving $ 194 compared to the average price over the year which is $ 1390). Conversely, august will be the most expensive ($ 1559).

Flight Montreal-Minsk: when is the best time to go for the best price?

Month Good price* Average price Our opinion
January$ 846 $ 1417 fair price
February$ 867 $ 1196 very good price
March$ 819 $ 1368 fair price
April$ 863 $ 1367 fair price
May$ 1044 $ 1449 fair price
June$ 975 $ 1374 fair price
July$ 1050 $ 1395 fair price
August$ 1012 $ 1559 very high price
September$ 916 $ 1303 fair price
October$ 856 $ 1219 good price
November$ 836 $ 1520 high price
December$ 983 $ 1504 fair price

*great price to buy your plane ticket: if you see this price or cheaper during your flight search, go for it and buy it!

Price breakdown to travel from Montreal to Minsk

Data analysis:

The prices for flights from Montreal to Minsk range from $642 to $1980. 1% of tickets were purchased at the minimum price (from $642 to $696), 1% at the maximum price (from $1926 to $1980). The majority of plane tickets were purchased in the range of $910 to $963 (8% of tickets).

Cheapest airlines for the Montreal->Minsk flight

There are 11 companies that serve Montreal from Minsk airport: Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Condor, Lufthansa, Air Transat, Emirates, WestJet, Air France, Air Canada, KLM and Level.

Data analysis:

Of the 2386 flights analyzed in previous years, Austrian Airlines was the airline that offered the best fare most often in the flight ticket search results (20% of the time) on the Montreal->Minsk route.

Which day of the week to leave?

Data analysis:

Statistically, Montreal-Minsk flights departing on a tuesday are cheaper than on other days of the week. By choosing a tuesday as your departure date, you can save an average of $70. On the other hand, departing on a thursday may cost you an additional $125.

Which day of the week to come back?

Data analysis:

Statistically, return flights from Minsk to Montreal departing on a wednesday are cheaper than on other days of the week. By choosing a wednesday for your return date, you will save an average of $119. Conversely, departing from Minsk on a thursday may cost you an additional $222.

When to book your flight Montreal - Minsk to get the cheapest price?

Statistically, you will make the biggest savings by buying your plane ticket between 6 to 7 months in advance. However, you may end up paying a high price if you book between 0 to 1 month in advance.

Did you know: the price of plane tickets not only varies depending on how far in advance you book, but also on the day of the week you book! So, to maximize your chances of getting the best price for a Montreal-Minsk flight, it is recommended to book your ticket on a wednesday.

How far in advance should I buy my flight?

Data analysis:

To get the cheapest flight ticket from Montreal to Minsk, it is recommended to buy it 6 to 7 months before departure (it is then on average 1168 $, which is a saving of 222 $ compared to the overall average price). On the other hand, if you buy your ticket 0 to 1 month in advance, you will pay the full price (126 $ more than the average price).

Depending on the departure month

The best time to buy your Montreal to Minsk flight ticket may vary depending on your departure month. Therefore, we offer you statistics on when to book your flight month by month.

Departure on... How far in advance should I book?

Best time: 1 to 2 months before departure (average price: 1279 $)


Best time: 0 to 1 month before departure (average price: 1282 $)


Best time: 2 to 3 months before departure (average price: 1370 $)


Best time: 0 to 1 month before departure (average price: 1339 $)


Best time: 1 to 2 months before departure (average price: 1524 $)

Other interesting period(s): 0 to 1 month ($ 1553)


What day of the week should I book my flight ticket?

Data analysis:

Statistically, wednesday is the day when plane tickets for Montreal->Minsk are the cheapest. So, by buying your plane ticket on a wednesday, you will save $77. Conversely, by buying it on a thursday, you may end up paying $70 more.

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