Weather in Naryn in may 2021

The weather in Naryn in the month of may comes from statistical datas on the last years. You can view the weather statistics the entire month, but also by clicking on the tabs for the beginning, the middle and the end of the month.

Evolution of daily average temperature and precipitation in Naryn in may

These charts show the evolution of average minimum/maximum temperatures as well as average daily precipitation volume in Naryn in may.

Climate of Naryn in may

The climate of Naryn in may is tolerable

The weather in may in Naryn is wet (with 1.2in of rainfall over 8 days). The weather's not getting better compared to the previous month since in april there is an average of 0.9in of rainfall over 6 days.

The climate is relatively cold around this city may, but it is endurable by dressing warm. Temperatures are up to 56°F. The seasonal minimum is 45°F. Thus, the mean temperature average in may in Naryn is 50°F. Note that seasonal normals are in contrast with those observed in Naryn in may with a maximum record of 77°F in 2020 and a minimum record of 23°F in 2010. You can expect to have about 0 days with temperatures below 32°F, or 0% of the month.

On average, in Naryn, the days of may last 14:31. Sunrise is at 05:37 and sets at 20:08.

With a correct weather, this month is okay (but not the best) to go there.

Naryn: another month?

If you can push back the dates of your trip, we advise you to go in june to Naryn. more information

May: another location in Kyrgyzstan?

If you want to go to Kyrgyzstan in may, there are destinations with better weather than Naryn:

In may, Tash-Kumyr has perfect weather.

Furthermore, Arslanbob, Jalal-Abad, Och, Batken, Kaindy and Talas have good weather.

more information about Kyrgyzstan's weather in may

Seasonal average climate and temperature of Naryn in may

Check below seasonal norms These datas are compiled from the weather statements of the last years of the month of may.

Outside temperature
Average temperature 50°F
Highest temperature 56°F
Lowest temperature 45°F
Highest record temperature 77°F
Lowest record temperature 23°F
Number of days at +65°F 3 day(s)
Number of days at -32°F 0 day(s)
Wind speed 15km/h
Wind temperature 43°F
Precipitation (rainfall)
Rainfall 1.2in
Number of days with rainfall 8 day(s)
Record daily rainfall 0.6in
Snowfall 0.9cm
Other climate data
Humidity 52%
Visibility 9.81km
Cloud cover 18%
UV index 2
Daily sunshine hours 15
Sunrise and sunset
Time of sunrise 05:37
Time of sunset 20:08
Length of day 14:31
Our opinion about the weather in may
Our opinion at tolerable

How was the weather last may?

Here is the day by day recorded weather in Naryn in may 2020:

Partly Cloudy
38°F to 65°F
Patchy light rain in area with thunder
41°F to 65°F
Patchy light rain in area with thunder
40°F to 59°F
Partly Cloudy
34°F to 59°F
Partly Cloudy
38°F to 61°F
Patchy light rain in area with thunder
32°F to 56°F
Partly Cloudy
36°F to 63°F
Partly Cloudy
36°F to 63°F
Partly Cloudy
40°F to 63°F
Moderate rain at times
40°F to 63°F
Partly Cloudy
36°F to 68°F
Partly Cloudy
40°F to 68°F
Partly Cloudy
40°F to 68°F
Partly Cloudy
41°F to 72°F
Light sleet
36°F to 47°F
Patchy light rain
36°F to 59°F
Partly Cloudy
36°F to 61°F
Partly Cloudy
40°F to 59°F
Partly Cloudy
34°F to 59°F
Partly Cloudy
36°F to 59°F
36°F to 63°F
38°F to 65°F
40°F to 72°F
43°F to 76°F
45°F to 76°F
45°F to 76°F
47°F to 77°F
41°F to 74°F
Patchy rain nearby
43°F to 70°F
Patchy light rain in area with thunder
41°F to 67°F
Partly Cloudy
40°F to 68°F

Map: other cities in Kyrgyzstan in may

Click over cities on the map for information about the weather in may.

Legend: Naryn perfect weather good tolerable bad very bad

Cities near Naryn:

Bishkek in maytolerable weather
Jalal-Abad in maygood weather
Karakol in mayvery bad weather
Och in maygood weather
Tcholponata in maybad weather
Arslanbob in maygood weather
Batken in maygood weather
Kaindy in maygood weather
Talas in maygood weather
Tash-Kumyr in mayperfect weather
Kyrgyzstan in may: See full list of cities

Weather data for Naryn in may:

Weather data for Naryn for may are derived from an average of the weather forecast since 2009 in Naryn. There is a margin of error and these forecasts are to be considered as general information only. The weather in Naryn can vary slightly from year to year, but this data should limit surprises. So you can pack your bags or check for the best time in year to go to Naryn.

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