Puerto Rico: Weather, Best time to go, Where to go?

Get the perfect time to go to Puerto Rico from average weather conditions in many locations like Bayamón or Caguas‎ below.

Best time to go to Caribbean?

When is the best time to go to Puerto Rico?

When is the best time to go to Puerto Rico? Here's some information to help you in your decision:

  • In Puerto Rico, the weather is good everywhere in January and March
  • The best months to go to San Juan are January, February, March, April and June
  • On average, the warmest months in San Juan are May, June, July, August, September, October and November
  • The rainiest months in this city are May and August
  • Arecibo is the city with the best climate, with good weather 6 months a year
  • The sea temperature is suitable for swimming all year round in San Juan

For information about the climate and the weather city by city in Puerto Rico for a specific month, click on the corresponding line below:

Month Our opinion View Details
good Puerto Rico in january
tolerable to good* Puerto Rico in february
good Puerto Rico in march
tolerable to good* Puerto Rico in april
tolerable Puerto Rico in may
tolerable to good* Puerto Rico in june
tolerable Puerto Rico in july
tolerable Puerto Rico in august
tolerable Puerto Rico in september
tolerable Puerto Rico in october
tolerable to good* Puerto Rico in november
tolerable to good* Puerto Rico in december

When to go to Puerto Rico by city

San Juan

Best time to go to San Juan

The best months to go to San Juan are january, february, march, april and june.


Best time to go to Arecibo

The best months to go to Arecibo are january, february, march, april, november and december.


Best time to go to Bayamón

The best months to go to Bayamón are january, february, march and april.


Best time to go to Caguas

The best months to go to Caguas are january and march.


Best time to go to Mayagüez‎

The best months to go to Mayagüez‎ are january, february, march, november and december.

Climate and Weather in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an archipelago of the Greater Antilles and it is bathed in the north by the Atlantic Ocean and in the south by the Caribbean Sea. It lies to the east of the Dominican Republic (the east coast from Punta Cana to the south faces the Puerto Rican west coast) and to the west of the Virgin Islands. Farther south is the coast of Venezuela.

Puerto Rico : Puerto Rico Vista

The climate in Puerto Rico is tropical with hot temperatures throughout the year. There is a noticeable and fairly clear difference of climates between the coast and the mountains, the temperatures being lower in altitude. Similarly, it is a little warmer in the south of the island than in the north. During the warmer months, like in June for example, the heat can be lessened in areas like San Juan towards Ponce, for example. The climate is divided into two seasons: a rainy season from May to November and a dry season from December to April. Like many islands in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is likely to be hit by hurricanes between the months of August and October.

During the rainy season, the weather in Puerto Rico is pretty humid. Note that the east coast, which is more exposed to trade winds, also has more rain than the west coast. If you choose to visit at this time, it may be best to decide upon Mayagüez, in Palmas del Mar for example.

The climate in Puerto Rico is ideal during the dry season: high temperatures, low rainfall, lack of hurricanes. Everything that is needed for sunny holidays, whether they be active or relaxing.

Temperatures and rainfall in Puerto Rico

On these 3 graphs, we present the evolution of temperatures of Puerto Rico and month-by-month rainfall for the cities of San Juan, Arecibo, Bayamón, Caguas and Mayagüez‎, as well as the month-by-month sea temperature for coastal cities..

Map of Puerto Rico

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cities in Puerto Rico (Hover over the icons for more information on the weather)

About Puerto Rico

What can I do in Puerto Rico?

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Is this weather information for Puerto Rico reliable?

Climate data for Puerto Rico has been gathered every day since January 2009. The analysis of these meteorological data for Puerto Rico allows us to determine the average for each month in San Juan, Arecibo, Bayamón, Caguas, Mayagüez‎, Ponce, Adjuntas, Aguadilla, and 33 other cities.

So yes: this data is reliable except in cases of temporary climate disruption in the region.

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