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Discover the perfect time to go to Seychelles from average weather conditions in many locations like Victoria or île de la Digue below.

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When is the best time to go in Seychelles ?

The Seychelles, which are visited throughout the entire year, are particularly pleasant during the months of June, July and August. This period is favorable for holidays in the sun, as moderate rains leave more room for sunny days. Furthermore, as this period corresponds to the school holidays, one can expect a large influx of tourists. In addition, due to this increase, the prices can be exorbitant. If you want to spend an idyllic vacation in the Seychelles during in the high season, remember to book well in advance.

In the Seychelles during the intermediate season, in the months of October-November and April-May, one cannot take advantage of better offers or better diving conditions with the best underwater visibility.

The rest of the year, one must prepare for extreme heat and heavy rain which is also the case for the month of December. Cultural events and festivities, like the "Festival Kreol" and "Seychelles Sailing Cup" are opportunities for discovery while visiting the Seychelles during the off-seasons.

So, what is the best time to go in Seychelles? Here is some more information to help you in your decision:

  • In Seychelles, the weather is good everywhere in February, July and August
  • The most favorable months to visit Victoria (Mahé) are February, July and August
  • On average, it is hot all year in Victoria (Mahé)
  • The rainiest month in this city are January and December
  • The cities with the best climate are Anse Volbert (Praslin), Victoria (Mahé), Beau Vallon, Curieuse Island and île de la Digue with good weather at least 3 months a year
  • The sea temperature is suitable for swimming all the year in Victoria (Mahé)

For all information about the climate and the weather city by city in Seychelles for a specific month, click on the corresponding line below:

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okay weather Seychelles in january
good weather Seychelles in february
okay weather Seychelles in march
okay weather Seychelles in april
okay weather Seychelles in may
okay weather Seychelles in june
good weather Seychelles in july
good weather Seychelles in august
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When to go in Seychelles by cities

Anse Volbert (Praslin)

Best time to visit Anse Volbert (Praslin)

The best months to visit Anse Volbert (Praslin) are february, july et august.

Victoria (Mahé)

Best time to visit Victoria (Mahé)

The best months to visit Victoria (Mahé) are february, july et august.

Beau Vallon

Best time to visit Beau Vallon

The best months to visit Beau Vallon are february, july et august.

Curieuse Island

Best time to visit Curieuse Island

The best months to visit Curieuse Island are february, july et august.

île de la Digue

Best time to visit île de la Digue

The best months to visit île de la Digue are february, july et august.

Climate and Weather of Seychelles

With high but pleasant temperatures and a sunshine rate of about seven hours a day, Seychelles experiences a rather nice weather throughout the most part of the year. This archipelago, neighboring Madagascar and the Mauritius island is in fact a tropical paradise where it is not unpleasant to take a worthwhile break. Equally important, the Seychelles are located outside the Indian Ocean cyclonic zone, which provides a certain sense of security and avoids strong weather conditions, making the archipelago an accessible paradise all year round.

Seychelles : Seychelles

Although the Seychelles climate has temperatures that are fairly constant, there are however two distinct seasons, which are determined by the direction of the winds. The rainy season is first and extends approximately from October to April and is furthermore influenced by the trade winds from the north-west. This is the hottest season of the archipelago, but also just as its name suggests, the more humid. Despite the fact that months like December and January are rather rainy - especially in areas the capital, Victoria - the sky can change dramatically all in one day, whether on one side or the other of Mahé.

Meanwhile, the cool season covers the rest of the year, from April to October, with trade winds that also come around during this time in the southeast. Rather windy, this season is a paradise for windsurfers who travel from around the world to come find thrills in the heart of the Seychelles. The temperatures are a bit cooler, especially at night, but a pleasant climate and relaxed lifestyle reigns throughout the day.

Temperatures and rainfall in Seychelles

On these 3 graphs, we present the evolution of temperatures of Seychelles and rainfall month by month for the cities of of Anse Volbert (Praslin), of Victoria (Mahé), of Beau Vallon, of Curieuse Island et of île de la Digue, as well as the sea temperature months by month for the coastal cities..


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Map of Seychelles

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Are these weather information for Seychelles reliable?

Climate data for Seychelles are raised every day since January 2009.Also, the analysis of these meteorological data for Seychelles allows us to determine the average for each month in Anse Volbert (Praslin), Victoria (Mahé), Beau Vallon, Curieuse Island et île de la Digue.

So yes: these data are reliable except in cases of temporary climate disruption in the region.

Average weather and best time to go city by city in Seychelles:

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